Wanna Ruf It Campground - Family camping in Stillwater PA
Pavilion Rentals

Wanna Ruf It campground pavilion

For just $125 a day, you can rent our large pavilion for your party, wedding, reunion, and more.  We provide clean, modern bathrooms, picnic tables, electric, and water. For an additional $45, you can rent our portable beer trailer that holds 4 of your kegs(CO2 provided). Give us a call to schedule your event today!
*A $75 deposit is required
*Prices may vary for larger gatherings

Pavilion Rules:
Must follow all campground rules
No open fires in or around pavilion
Pets are allowed, but need to be leashed and cleaned up after
No grills on picnic tables
No driving in the grass
No fireworks, guns, or explosives of any kind
No garbage, litter, or food is to be left in pavilion after event
Do not feed/disturb the wildlife
No camping tents in/around pavilion or field(ask about available campsites)

Other pictures:
Wanna Ruf It campground pavilion

Wanna Ruf It campground pavilion(view from field)

Wanna Ruf It campground pavilion and bathrooms(side view)
Beer trailer
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